Wigton Group Medical Practice

South End, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 9QD

Non NHS Services and Fees

Non NHS Services and Fees for Wigton Group Medical Practice Patients Only.


Certificates and forms
Private sick note £15.45
Passport form/photograph – must have known applicant for at least 2 years (not JC, GBN, CR) £15.45
Driving license photograph £15.45
Freedom from infection certificate £15.45
Private health insurance form (BUPA, PPP) £15.45
Sickness/accident insurance benefits claim form £15.45
Health club – patient fit to exercise £15.45
Shotgun/firearms license (not AT, AC) £15.45
OFSTED forms £15.45
Letter for school/college/university £15.45
Medical examinations and reports
Pre-employment medicals (30 mins) £99
HGV/PSV/LGV medicals (30 mins) £99
GDC health form (10 mins) £33
Renewal of taxi driver license medical (30 mins) £99
Motorsport medical (20 mins) £66
Scuba diving medical (30 mins) £99
Boxing medical (30 mins) (not LDC, AT, JC) £99
DNA testing (per patient, per test) (charge for work in practice – testing company may levy their own charges) £49
Tests/screening done by nurse for insurance etc (30 mins) £51
Travel abroad
Private prescription for drugs required solely for purposes of travel abroad, and malaria tablets £15.45
Vaccination certificate £15.45
Holiday cancellation certificate £15.45
Fitness to fly/travel certificate £15.45
Confirmation of drugs / diabetic letter for travel £15.45
Japanese Encephalitis (course of 2) £192.00
Tick Borne Encephalitis (course of 3) Adult £164.74
Child £131.04
Rabies (course of 3) £164.22
Cholera (course of 2) Free if deemed necessary
MenACWY vaccine £46.80