Wigton Group Medical Practice

South End, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 9QD

Welcome to Dr Rosina Cannone

We are delighted to welcome Dr Rosina Cannone to the team. She has been working in the practice over the past months as part of an international GP training scheme. She joined the practice as a part time salaried GP in November 2018.


We would like to welcome Rebecca Nicholson and Caroline Tweddle, who have both joined the Reception/Admin team. Rebecca joined the practice back in September. Caroline joined the practice at the end of October.

We would also like to welcome Elly Segal who joined the cleaning team in October.

We are also pleased to welcome back Susan Hardon, Practice Nurse, from maternity leave.

A warm welcome to Kerry Lawrence who joined the practice team in January as an Assistant Practice Manager.

Lost Property

An iPod has been left in our waiting room over the Christmas period. If this belongs to you please contact the surgery, you must be able to describe the item and it requires a passcode before we can release it.

Flu Vaccination Programme 2018/2019

There have been changes made to the national annual flu vaccination programme this year. All patients aged 65 years and over will receive the new trivalent adjuvanted flu vaccination FLUAD and patients aged 18years – 64 years old and who suffer from any of the following will receive the quadrivalent flu vaccination this year:

  • Diabetic patients
  • Patients who suffer from heart disease
  • Patients who suffer from kidney, liver or neurological disorders
  • Patients with difficulty fighting infection (e.g. chemotherapy patients)
  • Patients with respiratory diseases e.g. COPD and asthma (must have been prescribed a steroid inhaler within the last 12 months)
  • Pregnant women
  • Patients living in long-stay residential care homes
  • People who care for a family member

Children who are eligible for the flu vaccination will receive Fluenz Tetra, a nasal (needle free) flu vaccine.  All children aged 2 & 3 years old on 31/08/2018 are eligible for the flu vaccination at the practice. Also any children under 18 years old who suffer from any of the conditions listed above can also receive the nasal flu vaccine at the practice.

Children aged 4-9 years old will be offered the vaccination in school, please be aware we can not provide this at the surgery if vaccination is missed.

We have been given set dates for the delivery of our vaccinations which are outside of our control and this will impact on the appointments we can offer. Separate sessions will be arranged for the two vaccine groups. If you cannot attend your original appointment we will be able to offer an alternative but this may not be immediately.

First appointments for patients in ‘At risk’ groups will be offered from  mid-September.

First appointments for patients aged 65years and over will be offered from the start of October.

We aim to have completed all vaccinations by late November.

We ask that you are patient and wait to receive your invite from us.

Farewell to Margaret Story

Margaret Story retired at the end of July after working in the practice as an Receptionist/Administrator for over 14 years.

We would all like to wish Margaret a long and happy retirement.

Welcome to Stephanie Sharp

We would like to welcome Stephanie Sharp to the team. Stephanie joined the administration team in July, working as a Coding and Workflow Co-ordinator, which involves processing all the information we receive into patients records.

We are delighted to welcome Stephanie to the team.

Welcome to Deborah Sloan

Another warm welcome to Deborah Sloan. Deborah joined the team in July as a health care assistant. Some of you may remember Deborah working here a few years ago.

We are pleased to welcome her back.

Welcome to Paula Rowland

A warm welcome to Paula Rowland who joined the team in April as a healthcare assistant. Paula previously worked as part of the community nursing team in Dalston.

We are delighted to welcome Paula to the team.

Farewell to Rosalind Russell

We were sad to have said goodbye to Rosalind, Senior Administrator, who had been with us almost two years.

We would like to wish her all the best for the future.