Online services

Online services do not replace traditional ways of contacting your GP practice, over the phone or in person. They simply offer additional ways to interact with your GP practice, making it easier and more convenient for people that are digitally enabled.

For example, you can ask for medical advice online, book, cancel appointments or order your repeat prescription.

You may also view your medical record if registered to do so.

Watch the film to see how you can easily use the NHS App.

NHS App Film

In return, it’s hoped the services will free up phone lines for people with no internet access, and enable GP practices to manage appointments and telephone calls more efficiently.

Why not download the NHS App today……..

Saturday routine appointments available at Wigton hospital

Did you know?????

That every Saturday you can have a routine appointment with a Nurse, Health Care Assistant and a GP or advance nurse practitioner.

Our practice have appointments for our patients to see a clinician at Wigton Hospital every Saturday.

Appointments are available from 9.00am to 5.00pm.

So for those of you that work Monday to Friday and normally have to take time off to visit your GP practice for a routine appointments for:

  • Routine clinical problems
  • Bloods
  • Cervical screening
  • NHS health Check
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Hypertension, diabetes or respiratory reviews
  • Dressings

Please contact us to arrange a convenient time for you to been seen on a Saturday.

The Service is called Cumbria Health Enhanced Access (CHEA), some of our clinicians work for this service so you may see a familiar friendly face.

Contact us today if you are overdue any routine tests/ annual reviews etc. and are struggling to get to the practice through the week so that we can arrange for you to be seen on a Saturday avoiding any inconvenience to your working week.

Appointments must be made and cancelled through the GP practice

Please note that Wigton hospital team do not have access to these appointments

If you require a dressing or injections that you will have to collect these prior to the appointment either from the pharmacy or our Practice

Thank you.

Practice Website

26.9.23 Please note we will be moving to an improved patient friendly website over the coming months.

Domestic Abuse Awareness

If you are at risk or are experiencing abuse help and support is available.

Please click this link for telephone numbers and other contact details for people and agencies that can help.

Strep A/Scarlet Fever Information

Understandably we are getting lots of calls about children with potential Scarlet Fever / Strep A symptoms.

Yesterday the Duty Team was extremely busy with this and saw 15 children, over and above what we would normally have coming through. We therefore kindly ask during these extremely busy times that you only contact the surgery for URGENT cases when needing to be spoken to/seen by a Clinician from our EMERGENCY on the day Duty Team. All cases will be triaged & treated in priority of urgency by a clinician. If your case is deemed inappropriate for the Duty Team, the Receptionist Team will contact you to make a more appropriate appointment. Please do not be rude to the Receptionist as they are only doing what the Clinicians have asked them to do.

For worried parents/guardians please see the link below which gives some really useful information about Scarlet Fever symptoms and when to seek help from A&E immediately and when to contact GP / 111.

Thank you for your continued support & understanding.


NEW: First Contact Physiotherapy

We are delighted to offer patients access to our First Contact Practitioner (FCP) service. FCP’s are experienced physiotherapists who have advanced skills to assess, diagnose and recommend appropriate treatment or referral for musculoskeletal (MSK) problems. Patients are able to see an FCP on their first contact with healthcare services when appropriate. In most cases patients are not required to see a GP first. If you feel this service would benefit you, please contact the surgery. For more information on the FCP service, you can watch this video:When to see your FCP – social media version on Vimeo

Changing Care

The News and Star are running a week long informative report on alternative forms of care, for those times when your GP is not always the best person to see. Please click this link to see the first article in the week long series.

Here is the link to the article ‘Questions are for the patient’s own good’ wihch is the second article in the Changing Care series.

Update to face covering policy in healthcare

In the interests of patient safety and the protection of health and care staff, volunteers and visitors, the wearing of face masks and any other protective measures employed by hospitals, GP and other primary care practices.

All staff, patients and visitors should follow rules and measures introduced for their safety and protection and the protection of others. This is due to the continuing rise in COVID-19 cases in the community and in our hospitals. Therefore,all colleagues, volunteers, patients and visitors to hospitals, GP practices, dental practices, optometrists and pharmacies will be required to do the following:

HANDS: Wash hands regularly with soap and water or hadn gel if hand washing facilities are not available.

FACE: Wear surgical face masks (not coverings) in all public areas of our buildings.

SPACE: Give people space (1m away from people preferable) wherever possible and ensure workplaces are COVID secure.

FRESH AIR: Ensure areas are well ventilated wherever possible by opening windows etc.

Who doesn’t have to wear a face mask?

Some people do not have to wear a face mask. They include:

A child under 11

Someone with an impairment that could be affected by putting on a face mask

Someone travelling with another person who requires lip reading

Someone with a severe disability which means they are unable to put a mask on or it causes a lot of distress

You may also remove your face mask for a short period if you need to take medication, eat or dirnk

You can take your mask off if:

You are required to identify yourself

Children under 3 should not wear face masks as they are potentially dangerous and can cause choking and suffocation.

Primary Care Networks

All GP practices in England are now formed into Primary Care Networks (PCNs).

What is a Primary Care Network (PCN)?

A PCN is a group of GP practices based in a local community. Typically it is a group of practices covering a patient population of 30,000 to 50,000. You will continue to access your GP services in the usual way and will still be registered with your own GP practice.

What will change for you?

You may not notice much to begin with, but over time you will see a wider range of services becoming available in your GP practice or at another practice within your PCN as partnership working enables additional services to be developed.

Which PCN are we in?

We are part of Keswick & Solway Primary Care Network. Practices in our group are:

  • Aspatria Medical Group
  • Caldbeck Surgery
  • Castlehead Medical Centre
  • Dalston Medical Group
  • Silloth Group Medical Practice
  • The Croft Surgery Kirkbride
  • Wigton Group Medical Practice