Wigton Group Medical Practice

South End, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 9QD


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We run a successful advanced access appointment system which is monitored and adjusted to ensure availability for patients at busy times.

Patients are able to book ahead, up to 4 weeks in advance but there are usually appointments available on the day as well.

We offer early morning appointments with doctors from 7.45am one day a week, usually a Tuesday or a Friday.

The rest of the week we have appointments available throughout the day starting at 8.30am with the last ones scheduled at 5.30pm. You may see any of the doctors.

Urgent problems will be dealt with on the same day but not necessarily by your usual doctor.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please let us know so that someone else has the opportunity of using it.

Telephone consultations

Telephone consultations are also available; please tell the receptionist if you feel you do not need to have a face to face contact. The doctor will ring you at the arranged time on the number you provide.


Please make every effort to come to the surgery to see the doctor. If you are too unwell to come and need the doctor to visit, please let us know before 10:00am, this allows the doctors to plan their day more efficiently. It is important for us to know why a visit is needed so that we can arrange them according to priority.

Who should I see at the surgery?

It is really important that we make the best use of resources so that we can continue to provide a high-quality service at the surgery and develop new services for our patients.

You don’t always need to make a GP appointment to get what you need. Other members of the team may be able to help you. When making an appointment, please do not be offended if the receptionist asks what your appointment is for. They are just trying to make sure you see the most appropriate person.

The list below should help you to know who to see or speak to regarding your query.

  • Blood tests – book with a healthcare assistant
  • Blood pressure check – book with a healthcare assistant
  • Warfarin monitoring – book morning or afternoon appointment with a healthcare assistant (the test is done in the surgery with an instant result)
  • Vitamin B12 injections – book with a healthcare assistant
  • NHS health check – for those aged 40-74 if you wish to have a general health check please make an appointment with a healthcare assistant
  • Cervical smears – book with a practice nurse
  • Routine contraceptive pill checks – book with a practice nurse
  • Contraceptive implants insertion or removal – book with Dr Louise De Cornet, Dr Jane Cooper or Dr Rosina Cannone
  • STI screen – book with Dr Louise De Cornet, Dr Jane Cooper or a practice nurse
  • Wax in ears/ear syringing – book with a practice nurse. You do not need to see a GP first.
  • Leg ulcers – book with a practice nurse
  • Dressings and wound care – book with a practice nurse
  • Minor injuries – book with a practice nurse
  • Travel advice, including immunisations – pick up a form at reception or download it and once completed drop it off and make an appointment to see a practice nurse
  • Asthma review – book with Louise Twentyman, practice nurse
  • Newly pregnant – ask reception for a booking appointment with the midwife. You do not need to see a GP first.
  • Podiatry (Chiropody) – ask for a self-referral form at reception desk
  • Want to stop smoking – contact a pharmacy offering a stop smoking service
  • Enquiries regarding Ophthalmology (eye) clinic held at the surgery, please ask to speak to Judith on 016973 41837
  • Enquiries regarding immunisations – if you wish to check whether you are eligible, please ask to speak to Lauren
  • Completion of insurance or other forms and other administrative tasks – leave the request at reception for the doctor who will complete for you (there may be a fee to pay)
  • Enquiries about hospital treatments/test results – contact the secretary of your consultant directly at the hospital
  • To obtain a disabled parking badge – apply online at www.gov.uk
  • To discuss problems relating to the supply of medication by the pharmacy – discuss with the pharmacist first or alternatively ask to speak to Rachel, our Medicines Manager
  • Repeat prescriptions – ring the repeat prescription line on 016973 44668 or register for patient online services to order online.